Autonomous Mobility

Over the years Nobleo Technology has been part of many successful research and development projects on both self driving cars and enhanced robotics. This has lead to a unique understanding on dealing with vehicles / platforms that should move optimally and safely through highly dynamical in- and outdoor environments, with or without prior map knowledge.
Nobleo is now offering its knowledge and expertise for generic autonomous mobility challenges in adjacent domains, like autonomous platforms for in- and outdoor logistics, urban transportation systems, connected vehicles and next generation autonomous agricultural machinery in a changing environment. 
Our approach enables high precision localization via custom made sensor fusion techniques which can handle a diverse type sensors and sensor systems. These include high precision RTK & differential GNSS ( concurrent GPS, GLONASS & Beidou ), intelligent imaging using normal and hyperspectral camera’s and machine learning, lidars, radars, ultra-wide band radio location systems for indoor robust indoor localization, and partner directly with innovative companies as Accerion  which provides unique high precision indoor localization systems that do not rely on any infrastructure.
Having this input our systems are able to perceive their environment and make decisions on how to accomplish its objective efficiently and safely, whether with state of art machine learning or optimal control algorithms, while taking into account human behavior.
Example 1.1: Open source Modular Autonomous Mobile Platform 

  • Target: Uptake of AMPs by SME’s due to decreased prices of standardized components and interfacing. Industrial Level Hardware & Design
  • Used for in- and outdoor logistics
  • Interoperability with Open Source Robotics ecosystems ( Gazebo, ROS Industrial)
  • High Precision, and increased safety at high speeds, Targeting ISO26262.
  • Prepared for Multi Platform Cooperation
  • Using the innovative indoor localization system from
  • Sensor fusion and world modelling using ultra sonic sensors and internal maps. 

Example 1.2: Autonomous Marine Vessels
Nobleo’s Modular Autonomous Mobile Platform and know-how has amongst others also been successfully applied too develop water-drone for our customer RanMarine.

RanMarine is a Dutch environmental technology enterprise, building drones that remove waste from the water and support the natural resilience of our oceans.
These fully autonomous drones swim through the water, collecting waste and other non-biodegradables, whilst gathering data about the environment.
  • Autonomous sailing though Ports and Harbours to collect waste on the water-surface
  • Data acquisition on the water-surface.
  • Usage of marine charts over an end-user GUI
  • Re-planning capabilities in case of obstructions on the global path
  • Able to anticipate other vessel trajectories and able to sail around them.
  • Knowledge of location of water-ways, reducing time spend in these areas. 
Example 1.3: Cooperative Automated Vehicles
  • Optimized collective behavior with respect to pre-defined criterion
  • Traffic flow instability reduction
  • Network Aware Control Securing String Stability of the interconnected vehicles
  • Wireless Network Induced Effects Incorporated
  • Experimentally Validated in Real World Demo