Career development

Career development via Nobleo
Being busy with what you are good at is fun and is the driving force behind our talent development coaching.
To realize your ambitions and talent, we offer you a unique and customized individual trajectory based on the latest insights from positive psychology and talent development. This focuses on the things you get energy from and like to do. Studies show that it is more effective to become better at your talent than in what you don't like. As a consultant you also want to have skills that you don't yet have, we help you to develop these as well.
What can you expect?

Through an extensive talent assessment and analysis interviews, we focus our career guidance on the identification of your talent and ambitions. This provides insight to investigate the extent to which you are already using your talent and how this can be even better in your current assignment.
Every six weeks you have an individual appointment with your talent development coach who works with you based on confidentiality. In this way, everything you think is important can be discussed.
Together with your personal coach, you will draw up a Talent Development Plan. Here you work out what you want to develop in the field of subject matter and soft skills. Together with your manager and coach, you will shape your career within the mission and vision of Nobleo and make agreements about the approach.
For the development of your talent we use various methods such as 360 degrees feedback and the reflected best self method (a way to gain insight into your strengths). With the learning style that suits you, you develop your talents at the pace determined by you.
So it's all about maximising what you are strong in and what you get energy from.
Our annual assessment based on our core values ensures that your ambitions and Nobleo's goals remain well aligned with each other.
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