Robotics is a fast growing market, in which also Nobleo Technology is active. Our current focus is on the robotization of dangerous or boring tasks in industry currently carried out by humans. Examples are robots for transport, lifting or cleaning. For the autonomous movement of robots we typically make use of our own developed ROS based localization and navigation software stack running on a dedicated embedded hardware platform, with which we realized multiple autonomously moving robots. Examples can be found on our project portfolio page.

We contribute to the ROSIN ( project, and by doing so we contribute to the industrialization of ROS. 

In future, robots and humans will interact and even collaborate, which will have its impact on safety (collision- and obstacle avoidance) and human-robot communication. Nobleo Technology is already preparing for this future, and we have competences in the field of User Interface modalities, sensors, signal processing and Artificial Intelligence.

For robotics, Nobleo Technology works closely together with the Technical University of Eindhoven.