Employee story

An example of an enthusiastic employee can be found below:
Gerard Dunning creates and develops high-tech innovations.
Gerard Dunning, while building with Lego and Meccano, discovered his great passion for technology and creating things at a young age.
That's why he studied biomechanical engineering at the Delft University of Applied Sciences after high school. "After my master, I developed an exoskeletal arm prosthesis for daily use during a four-year PhD program.
Already during this project I was noticed by Nobleo Technology and they asked me to work with them as a mechanical designer."  
Widening toward high tech
"My main reason for choosing Nobleo is the human-oriented culture. Furthermore, they work for clients with innovative and challenging projects, such as the telescopes I participated in the optomechatronics department
of TNO through Nobleo Technology. Now I'm working on several internal projects. After the specialization in medical prostheses, I would like to broaden my mind in the coming years to other high-tech disciplines.
In addition, I share the ambition of a number of Nobleo colleagues, in addition to working at locations of clients, also to realize internal projects. "
“Everything is negotiable"
Another reason to work with Nobleo Technology is the almost unlimited possibilities we get to further develop yourself. In addition, everything is negotiable, like my wish to continue with lectures during the promotional years
and to accompany students in graduation assignments. But also follow additional courses to develop my softskills. Everyone is guided and encouraged by an experienced personal coach to optimally utilize and develop
their own talents.
"Repair & create cafes"
In addition to working on customer innovations, we regularly share our knowledge and experience during the "Repair & create cafes” at the office. Here you can bring a defective device together to repair and discuss ideas
for internal projects. Furthermore, we see eachother during the annual family day, summer barbecue and a joint winter sport. That was an ideal moment for me to get to know all new colleagues in a short while last winter."

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