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Project Smart Tooling

Project Smart Tooling is a project within the European Interreg Flanders-Netherlands program. For the Robotics Smart Tooling project, Ki<|MPi, in collaboration with partners from Flanders and the Southern Netherlands, is developing innovative Robotics applications for maintenance in the process industry.



The project aims to strengthen the process industry by working in a more cost-efficient and safer way. Research shows that there is a need for more than 50 concrete robot applications.


Small- and midsized companies / SME’s

SME’s have the challenge to develop technological solutions together with knowledge institutions. To this end, Ki<MPi has searched companies and service providers for the Smart Tooling project that develop collaboration with knowledge institutes with technological solutions. This involves: - Service providers (large companies or small and medium-sized enterprises) in the maintenance of the process industry are engaged as project partners in light to facilitate research and testing at asset owners. A total budget of € 270,000 is provided for this group, of which 40% is subsidized. Small and medium-sized companies are being contracted as light partners for the actual development, engineering and construction of prototypes / proofs of concept. A total budget of € 1,400,000 is provided for this group, of which 50% is subsidized.


Partners and Partners Light

Ki<|MPi is responsible for the financial and content project management of the Smart Tooling project. Within the project the following project partners work closely together: Ki<|MPi, BASF, Dow Benelux, Impulse Zeeland, Rewin, BOM, BEMAS, Sirris, Ghent University, University of Twente, Avans University of Applied Sciences. The project is divided into various clusters, in which a few Project Partners Light have entered to develop these innovations during the project period.


Apllication within the cluster

Project Partner Light

UAS – Inside flying

Ronik, Delft Dynamics, POZYX

UAS – Outside flying

SPIE, Avular, Airobot

Workshop augmented reality

Augnition n.v. , iristick

Workshop leakdetection



Group Peeters, Mourik, Buchen, Serenity, VTEC, Accerion, Nobleo

Inspection of piping

VTEC, IDTEC, Serenity, Accerion, Nobleo

Inspection of barrels



Interreg V Flanders-the Netherlands is a program of the European Union, aimed at cross-border cooperation that aims to strengthen and promote innovation and sustainable development within the border region. In these projects, companies, business umbrella organizations, governments, knowledge institutions and other organizations on both sides of the border work together to achieve concrete innovations. For 2014-2020, Europe foresees more than € 152 million for the program from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The Smart Tooling project receives funding from the Interreg Flanders-Netherlands program.