Engels Modern (system design) of products, prototypes, machines and instruments requires more and more multidisciplinairy skills of a design team. The mechanical designer is of essence here and provides all functions with a place and volume. Important trends are an increase in precision, speed requirements, system reliability, manufacturability, and cost control.

Mechanical specialists of Nobleo are academically schooled, have extensive knowlegde, experience, and creativity. In addition, they have a broad network of specialists. They work in accordance with system engineering guidelines from concept to architecture and design to TPD. The primary field of expertise of Nobleo mechanics are complex testing environments, industrial automation, precise motion-systems, autonomous vehicles, and robotics.

Our key competences include:

-      Construction principles
-      Tolerance analyses
-      Eindig Elementen (FEM) analyse
-      Modal analyses
-      Thermo-mechanic analyses/design
-      Multi-physics budgeting and design


-      Conceptual design
-      Dynamica architecture
-      Black/grey/white box modelling
-      Vibration isolation
-      Balancing